TOR-3 Activity Description

Activity Title TOR-3

Activity ID: 38274

Activity Title: At WHO’s request, provide technical assistance in relation to quality control program for laboratory testing of Viral Hepatitis”

Link to TOR: TOR3

Name(s) of responsible staff at the institution: Dr. Ekta Gupta, Dr.Nirupama Trehanpati, Dr. Meenu Bajpai, Dr. Reshu Agarwal.
Type of activity: Development and application of appropriate technology Why WHO is asking for this activity and how WHO will use the deliverables? : There is a wide variation in the type and quality of test kits available in different countries. Implementation of National Hepatitis control program in the country has initiated Viral Hepatitis testing in many states.

Hence it is important to have in country a Quality control program to offer to theses laboratories. Moreover there is scarcity of rapid card kits available especially for Hepatitis A Virus and Hepatitis E virus in the region, with this activity development of point of care testing kits will be done. There is a need to assess the cost effectiveness, uptake and outcomes of implementation of Nucleic acid testing (NAT) in the blood banking services.

What concrete actions will be taken by the designated institution? Be specific. :
At WHO’s request,

  • Provide technical assistance in relation to quality control program for laboratory testing of Viral Hepatitis.
  • The institution will provide technical inputs that may inform WHO’s work on the development of a Quality control program for the laboratories involved in doing Viral hepatitis testing.
  • The institution will also conduct an evaluation study on point of care testing kits available for viral hepatitis testing in the region and share its findings and recommendations with WHO
  • What will be WHO’s role in this activity? : WHO will lead and coordinate the activity and will provide the required technical support for validation and development so that modules are developed in line with latest WHO technical diagnostic guidelines in this regard

    Expected deliverables: A complete list of quality assured test kits evaluated in member states and also point of care testing kits quality assurance made available in the member states

    Intellectual property rights: IP rights of ALL deliverables belong to WHO as per paragraphs 3.1.2 and/or 3.2.2 of the Terms and Conditions

    Name(s) of funding sources: Govt of India and institutional funding from ILBS.
    Activity timeframe: 2023-2027

    This activity has been specifically developed for the workplan of the WHO collaborating centre and does not constitute a standard activity of the institution without WHO involvement.