TOR-2 Activity Description

Activity Title TOR-2

Activity ID: 38273
Activity Title: As requested by WHO, to build capacity among health care workers on prevention, diagnosis and management of hepatitis and Liver diseases.
Link to TOR: TOR2
Name(s) of responsible staff at the institution: Dr. S.K. Sarin, Dr. Manoj Sharma, Dr. Seema Alam, Dr. Ekta Gupta, Dr. Ankur Jindal ,Dr .Mohit Varshney , Dr. Manya Prasad, Dr. Kanika Kaushal.
Type of activity: Training and education
Why WHO is asking for this activity and how WHO will use the deliverables? : Capacity building is an important component of national action plans for hepatitis. All cadres of health care providers like policy makers, doctors, nurses, laboratory people, etc. need to be capacitated to work as a team to implement the activities related to prevention, diagnosis and treatment of hepatitis.

It is also important to create a net-work of patients, and understand the stigma and discrimination issues and try to develop regional support services.

What concrete actions will be taken by the designated institution? Be specific. : Under WHO’s guidance, the proposed collaborating centre will develop training materials and provide inputs that may inform WHO training materials and conduct capacity building activities for health care professionals (e.g., doctors, nurses and paramedics) covering viral hepatitis and management of chronic liver diseases, including end-stage liver diseases. It will also use e-health tools for training in line with WHO digital health policy

What will be WHO’s role in this activity? : WHO will liaise with the proposed collaborating centre and provide high level technical guidance to cc in developing training modules following a public health approach that will be useful for de centralization of diagnostic and treatment facilities. WHO will develop the agenda and select the participants for the training.

Expected deliverables: Training modules and flow charts for diagnoses and treatment shall be prepared and made available to WHO and member states

Intellectual property rights: IP rights of ALL deliverables belong to WHO as per paragraphs 3.1.2 and/or 3.2.2 of the Terms and Conditions

Name(s) of funding sources: Government agencies, Institutional grants, Non-profit organisations.
Activity timeframe: 2023-2027

This activity has been specifically developed for the workplan of the WHO collaborating centre and does not constitute a standard activity of the institution without WHO involvement.