Training for Microbiologist and Lab Technician

WHO Collaborating Centre on Viral Hepatitis and Liver Diseases

Term of Reference - 3

Activity Title Viral hepatitis Diagnostic Laboratory Support Program
Name of Responsible Staff Dr. Ekta Gupta, Dr. Meenu Bajpai, Dr. Nirupama Trehanpati
Type of Activity Training and Education
Description of the activity 1. To develop SOPs and provide support to existing national virology and immunology laboratories in the country/region for all types of viral hepatitis infection
2. To Provide guidance on quality assurance of viral hepatitis testing; serological, NAT based and molecular testing.
3. Training programs:
Courses Duration
For microbiologists, virologists, immunologists 7-14 days
For Lab Technicians 4-8 weeks
Expected Deliverables 1. Augmenting support for diagnostic capabilities and precision level to existing diagnostic virology laboratories in the country, SAARC and SEAR region.
2. Enhancing the Human resources by providing onsite training
3. Needle stick injury (NSI) reporting and managing protocols for Health care workers (HCWs).
WHO Deliverable (Top Task) To fulfill the goals of WHO on early and precise detection of viral hepatitis and reduction of infection and disease burden.
Name of funding sources ILBS, Government of NCT of Delhi and Government of India
Activity Time Frame 2015-18
Activities undertaken Training program designed and material developed. Conducted 3 trainings in collaboration with Delhi State AIDS Control Society