Training for Clinician & Paramedical Staff

WHO Collaborating Centre on Viral Hepatitis and Liver Diseases

Term of Reference - 2

Activity Title Training for clinicians in clinical management of viral hepatitis and its complications
Name of Responsible Staff Dr Manoj Kumar, Dr YK Joshi, Dr Rakhi Maiwal, Dr SK Sarin
Type of Activity Training and education
Description of the activity 1. To develop and/or improvise curricula for the clinical diagnosis and management of viral hepatitis, cirrhosis and liver cancer
2. Training programs :
  • Hepatitis Induction Program (HIP) – Finite time period for health care workers
  • Hepatitis Update Program (HUP) – Ongoing e-learning opportunities.
Expected Deliverables To train clinicians and specialists in viral Hepatitis and Liver diseases. HIP:-
Courses Duration
1. Executive course 3 Days
2. Standard Hepatology Courses
(a) Diagnosis and screening 2 weeks
(b) Management of viral hepatitis 4 weeks
(c) Management of chronic liver disease and its complications 4 weeks
3. Advanced Hepatology courses
(a) Management of early and advanced chronic liver diseases
(b) Management of liver Cancer (c) Measurement of liver pressure (HVPG (d) Transjugular liver biopsy (TJLB) (e) Transjugular intrahepatic porto-systemic shunt (TIPS) (f) Treatment of acute liver failure (g) Transplantation hepatology
4 - 12 weeks
4. Advanced Hepatology courses 1 - 12 weeks
WHO Deliverable (Top Task) To assist and augment WHO’S initiatives to provide affordable and quality health care for viral hepatitis and its complications, to different population groups and regions.
Name of funding sources ILBS, Government of NCT of Delhi and Government of India
Activity Time Frame 2015-18
Activities undertaken HIP and HUP programs are designed and training material is developed. We are searching funding sources to initiate the training program