WHO Collaborating Centre on Viral Hepatitis and Liver Diseases

Term of Reference - 4

Activity Title Operational models for delivery of viral hepatitis treatment at lower income levels
Name of Responsible Staff Dr. S K Sarin, Dr. Manoj Kumar Sharma, Dr. Rakhi Maiwal, Dr. Devesh Gupta, Dr. Ajeet Singh Bhadoria
Description of the Activity 1. Operational research to expand preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic services for viral hepatitis to different levels of healthcare delivery system
2. Evaluate bio-similars in different countries for their comparative antiviral efficacy so as to improve affordability and reach of antiviral drugs.
Expected Deliverables 1.Expansion of specialized hepatitis care to lower income levels of health care system.
  • Preventive strategies for viral hepatitis with community participation
  • Low cost diagnostics and development of a referral system
  • Availability and compliance of affordable treatment and assess outcomes.
2. Testing of low budget integrated modules of prevention and management of hepatitis and its complication
WHO Deliverable (Top Task) To fulfill the goals of WHO on providing affordable and effective treatment to countries with resource constraints so as to achieve reduction in disease burden due to viral hepatitis.
Name of funding sources ILBS, Government of NCT of Delhi and Government of India
Activity Time Frame 2015-18
Activities undertaken Collaborated with MSF to develop an operational service delivery model and to initiate operational research at western UP