Ms. Anila Goswami

Healthcare Professional with over 14 years’ experience as registered nurse dedicated to hard work, perfection, patients’ satisfaction with excellent communication and interpersonal skills. Provide direct and/or indirect clinical support for hospital and community-based Registered Nurses and other Healthcare Professionals. Maintains and updates own knowledge base related to clinical and/or educational activities related to liver diseases and hepatitis. Attends educational opportunities and conferences relevant to the role and scope of practice and uses this knowledge to improve patient support and clinical practice. She has passion for improving nursing practices and standards of care. Actively participates in relevant professional workshops and seminars. She counsels the patients prior to treatment, supports them in managing the side-effects during treatment and provides timely follow-up to address day-to-day concerns related to the disease and/or treatment. Further, by closely monitoring and supporting patients throughout the treatment process, she promotes adherence of the patients to the treatment regimen and, thus, improving clinical outcomes.