Dr. Nirupama Trehanpati

Dr. Nirupama Trehanpati

Additional Professor



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07/ 2011

Associate Professor

Institute of Liver and Biliary Sciences


Assistant Professor

Institute of Liver and Biliary Sciences


Senior Research Officer

G.B. Pant Hospital


M.Sc Zoology : 1988, Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra, India

Ph.D : 1992, CCS, H.A.U, Hissar

B.Sc : 1986, M.L.N. College, yamunanagar, Haryana, India

Number of publications



  • Visiting Scientist in the laboratory of Immune regulation, NIAID, NIH, USA 24th June -11th July, 2014
  • Plenary Paper Award in  AASLD 2013, USA
  • Invited speaker in International conference on Stem cells and Cancer, Mumbai, 2013
  • Paper Presentation in Viral Hepatitis Conference, Frankfurt 2013
  • Presidential Paper Award at Prestigious Hepatology meet at AASLD 2012
  • Visiting Scientist in the laboratory of Innate Immunology, NIAID National Institute of Health, Maryland, USA, January15th to Feb 18th, 2010.
  • Visiting Scientist in the  laboratory of Innate Immunology, NIAID National Institute of Health, Maryland, USA, for one month from 5st Nov to 5th Dec, 2008.
  • Visiting Scientist to the laboratory of Immune regulation, NIAID, National Institute of Health, Maryland, USA, 1st Nov to 29th Nov, 2007.
  • Travel Grant Award from Liver Care Foundation for attending APASL Japan, 2007.
  • Invited visit to The University of Birmingham, Liver Research Group, Division of Medical Sciences, Birmhingam, from 15th April to 7th May, 2006.
  • Bill and Millinda Travel Grant Award for The Ninth Annual Conference of Vaccine, Research, Baltimore USA. 11th  May 2006.
  • Travel Grant Award to present paper in the prestigious conference of HIV and Liver Diseases, Wyoming, 11th 14th Sep, 2006.
  • Invited visit to German Research Center for biotechnology, Braunschweig, Germany for a month and half 1st sep to 10 Oct 2005.
  • BestPoster Award in Indian society of Gastroenterology, Nov 2005
  • Award of DST Young Scientist, 2003
  • Postdoctoral Fellow at the Medical College of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, USA
  • Award of CSIR Pool Officer 1998-2001
  • Award of CSIR Research Associate 1994
  • Award of CSIR, Senior research fellow during last two years of Ph.D
  • Award of Lady Tata Memorial Fellowship in Ph.D

Research Int

Research Support
  • Principal investigator for the project titled “To study the role of notch signaling pathway in the pathogenesis of virus related hepatocellular carcinoma. (DBT. 2010-2013).
  • Principal investigator for the project titled “To study the host immune responses in clearance of Hepatitis E virus infection. (ICMR).
  • Principal investigator for the project titled” Role of Bone marrow erived angiogenic cells in chronic liver diseases, Funded by ICMR.
  • Principal investigator for the project titled “Isolation and characterization of EpCAM+ cell populations in Cirrhosis and Hepatocellular Carcinoma (HCC) to target cancer stem cells.(DBT. 2013-2015).
  • Principal investigator for the Indo- Australian project titled” The immunomodulatory and angiogenic role of bone marrow-derived endothelial progenitor cells in chronic liver disease” (DBT. 2014-2017).
Research Grants: As Co- Investigator

Project 1: Indo-German Collaborative Project entitled “Use of microRNAs as novel biomarkers in progression of HBV-induced liver diseases and hepatocellular carcinoma. Funded by Department of Biotechnology, Government of India, New Delhi, India. 2010-2013.

Role as Supervisor

Supervisor for Ph. D Student (Biomedical sciences, ILBS):

  • Ritu Khosla: Identifying molecular signatures differentiating various cell populations present in Hepatocellular Carcinomafrom the normal stem cells.
  • Ashish Vyas: Cross talk of Dendritic cells with TFh/ iNKt and maturation of B cells in vertical Hepatitis B Virus transmission.
Co-Supervisor for Ph. D Students:
  • Shikha Shrivastav:  To study the immune status of New borns to Hepatitis B positive and negative mothers.
  • Avishek Singh: Micro RNAs and HBV infection: Role in viral Persistance and immune modulation.
  • Arshi Khanam: To investigate the potential role of Th17 cells and neutrophils; Protective or   pathogenic in Acute on Chronic Liver Failure       
Co- Supervisor for DM (Hepatology) / MCH (HPB) surgery Thesis( 2010-2014)
  • Dr. Shridhar: To study the efficacy of G-CSF therapy on the CD34 cell mobilization and outcome of patients with ACLF.
  • Dr. Paranjal Deka: Lymph node micrometastasis in Biliary and pancreatic cancer: Significance of detection with real time reverse transcriptase PCR and immunohistochemistry.
  •  Dr. Murali A: Evaluation of endotoxemia in Liver transplant Recipients and its effect on early graft function


  • Sharma S, Khosla R, David P, Rastogi A, Vyas A, Singh D, Bhardwaj A, Sahney A, Maiwall R, Sarin SK, Trehanpati N.CD4+CD25+CD127(low) Regulatory T Cells Play Predominant Anti-Tumor Suppressive Role in Hepatitis B Virus-Associated Hepatocellular Carcinoma. Front Immunol. 2015 Feb 25;6:49. doi: 10.3389/fimmu.2015.00049. eCollection 2015.
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  • Gayatri Ramakrishna, Archana Rastogi, Nirupama Trehanpati, Bijoya Sen, Ritu Khosla, and Shiv K. Sarin 2013. From Cirrhosis to hepatocellular carcinoma: Newer molecular insights on inflammation and cellular senescence. Liver Cancer 2013; 2:367–383.
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